Like pretty much everybody with a pulse, I love movies.  Unlike everybody else, I think I might like reading movie reviews and criticism even more than I like the actual experience of movie-watching.  Since Roger Ebert passed away, my go-to review site has been The Dissolve.  In addition to thoughtful reviews, the website also has a special feature called Forgotbusters, which, in its own words, “re-examines movies that were among the top 25 grossing films the year of their release, but have receded culturally, in order to explore what originally attracted audiences to them, and why they failed to endure.”  So if you’ve ever contemplated why Avatar broke every box office record but is still no one’s favorite movie, or wondered if anyone else remembers Congo, that animatronic gorilla movie from the 1990s–Forgotbusters has, and does, and is the website for you!


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